Is there a way to integrate deeper ritual with our beauty + wellness routine?

Turns out there is + after exploring beyond industry standards, we manifested a natural fragrance line that embodies the good life, it embodies collective human goodness, it embodies high vibration intentions, it amplifies the heart + spirit.

The more we researched, mixed + created the more we found that using powerful pure ingredients + then pairing with whole plant C B D extract, for our green blends, presents an alternative for healing + helping us feel more connected.

We wanted to put pure, lux, mystical vibes into the world + so, HIGHBORN came to be.

Naturally, We’re not the first to discover essential oils + whole plant C B D extract, so why HIGHBORN?

We choose ingredients for a very specific reason, yes they smell lovely + transcend us but it was + is about MORE. We create each blend as special as an individual prayer. With each use, each breath in, you are blessing + energy lifting yourself + space.

We work exclusively with farmers who maintain organic practices + sustainably wild harvest. For our CBD, we plan to continue our journey with Shi Farms. true celebrators of the plant, the journey and premium wellness.

Whether you’re up against life stress, carrying tensions or trying to become more present, know that we’ve been there, too. (Truthfully, we’re still there at times.) We’re lucky to have discovered the natural beauty + calming effects of essential oils + C B D extract, + are committed to sharing the benefits of making HIGHBORN part of your daily practice. 

If you have any questions or want to reach out- we would love to hear from you.



NO Parabens

Inexpensive preservative that has been linked to hormone disruption (often used in perfumes, cleansers and cosmetics)

NO Phthalates

Health offender linked to hormone disruption (often used in candles, cosmetics and perfumes)

NO Synthetic Dyes

Derived from petrochemicals & often containing chemicals like mercury, lead, and sodium chloride

NO Animal-derived Ingredients

Derived from animals or animal by-products (commonly used in perfumes) including musk (from deer)

NO Sulfates

Inexpensive cleanser that produces foam and is harsh and irritating (often used in cleansers)

Leaping Bunny Certification

In Application Process


A Note from our founder


Like so many people I have spent my life seeking deeper connection to the “experience”. I grew up in a home with a meditation master mom + a radiologist dad. I witnessed both pathways to “wellness”, saw how they co-existed, and more than that complimented each others existence. It served me to understand integrative health + balance from such an early age and I have continued to call on both modalities, and could even venture to say that if you were to think of it this way… both sides of my brain. What inspired HIGHBORN was more than a desire to sell you something with pretty smells + nice ingredients. There are a good amount of people doing that. My interest is in exploring the idea of “connection” together. I personally have experienced disconnection, feelings of isolation and have found my whole-ist and happiest self when I felt the connection to within. Let’s explore whole person rituals, rather than a dab on the wrist or neck , let’s tune in - punctuating the days rather than living a blur. We can all relate to that.


The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products we sell are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician before starting any use of “Mary” derived products. If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult with your doctor before taking.